Footprinter Recommended System Requirements

These are recommended system requirements. Footprinter, as a web application, is flexible in supporting different PCs, internet connectivity and browsers. With the rapid improvement in end user experiences with respect to web apps over the past 2-3 years, using the most modern browser does provide a better user experience particularly when doing more data intensive Footprinter processes like large tables, large charts and large imports.

Footprinter can be used in many different ways and actual end-user experiences will vary depending on the actual operation being performed.


Recommended Notes
Footprinter runs on Windows machines and Macs as it is a browser application
Machines with at least 1.5 GHz processors and 1 GB of memory (RAM) can perform better. Users that use Excel frequently will be find satisfactory Footprinter performance.
A standard 15” display with 1024x768 pixel resolution and full color (16 bit) works fine for rendering most Footprinter page types. Heavy use of table pages (with large tables and accompanying inline charts) benefits from larger displays. A 17” widescreen display with full HD (1980x1020 pixel resolution) works best (as would also be the case with MSFT Excel).
Support for operating systems is determined by which browser the user is using.

Internet Connectivity

Recommended Notes
For single users (and remote connectivity), basic DSL performance is adequate.
For multiple, concurrent users, 50kbps of bandwidth can serve as a rough per concurrent user guideline (see note). Bandwidth requirements depend on actual Footprinter operations. Footprinter is a very efficient data transport application, doing very few full page (expensive) loads, so individual user bandwidth requirements will be sparse (over time).
Ports: HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443).
Mail server accepts mail from
Proxy allows file downloads.

Browser Support

Recommended Notes
Footprinter supports the last two major releases of all modern browsers (IE, FF and Chrome). Footprinter will warn the user about the browser if the versions are “out of date”. Footprinter as a web app performs best on the most modern browsers that are designed for web apps.
Recommended browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 9 (or higher)
  • Firefox 13 (or higher)
  • Chrome 20 (or higher)
Windows XP is limited to IE8 and it is recommended that users install Chrome Frame or use a different browser.
The only browser plugin required is Adobe Flash (version greater than 9).
Footprinter requires that scripts and cookies are enabled on the browser.