Footprinter brings the power and accessibility of the web, and the simplicity and low-cost of the cloud to footprinting.

Footprinter is the next generation of footprinting software. It is based on several information technology innovations that for the first time support large scale enterprise footprinting. With Footprinter you can click around your data - drill in to learn and explore - all at the speed of your innovation.

Footprinter is also a powerful platform that we leverage to build new products. So expect Footprinter to be there right along side you as your partner, supporting you as you expand your sustainabilty program internally and externally.

In the cloud

Footprinter puts a high-performance data center, devoted to footprinting, at your fingertips. Your data – accessible, safe and secure – in the cloud.

  • Available anywhere, all the time.
  • Hosted at a world class data center.
  • Highly available, partition tolerant and eventually consistent data store.
  • Enterprise-grade data security.
  • Full off-site daily data backup.
  • Best practice software engineering processes.
  • Clear user, sharing and permission model.
  • Support for all modern browsers.

Our database is the footprint

To edit an emission factor and have the change propagate immediately through an entire product portfolio requires something entirely new. We developed a database with a footprint as its DNA. A database that naturally adapts and scales to your business without the need for a team of analysts or IT support.

  • NoSQL implementation.
  • Graph data model.
  • Dynamic query capability.
  • Fast data traversal speed.
  • In-memory, domain specific index.
  • Horizontally scalable infrastructure.

A platform for the future

Footprinter is a platform – we build end-user products based on our own core services. We invested to scale and field test the core platform. Now that it’s battle tested we can build new products quickly and reliably – and they all work magically together.

  • Resources on demand.
  • Platform built from discrete services with separated concerns
  • Page-based leveraged web server technologies.
  • Invisible upgrading.
  • Service oriented architecture.
  • Always investigating and integrating new and exciting web technologies.
  • Rapid product development tools and process.
  • Beta releases and users program.