Footprinter partners with leading sustainability consulting firms to provide clients with world class capabilities. Our partners are sector and industry sustainability experts. They are Footprinter experts with strong sustainability application development skills and resources as well as systems experience with small and large scale internal rollouts. Together we bring turnkey solutions to our clients. If you are interested in becoming a Footprinter partner, please review details of our value-adding-reseller partner program and contact us.


  1. Purpose

Our partner program encourages and supports Partners to function as a value adding resellers of our software and earn revenue by selling our software to Clients. A Partner is expected to package Footprinter software with value adding services such as sustainability consulting, application development, data management, training, strategic advice and so forth to provide Clients with world-class and turnkey sustainability solutions.

  1. Rights to Sell Footprinter Software

The Partner is granted a world wide right to sell all our software products to end-user organizations. This Agreement DOES NOT grant the Partner any exclusive rights to sell Footprinter software. We will likely communicate our partnerships openly and publically. We will avoid situations where more than one Partner is proposing Footprinter services to a prospective Client as this may create a conflict of interest for us. We will use best efforts to support partner incumbency positions at Clients.

  1. Reseller’s Price Discount

Footprinter will offer the Partner a substantial discount off our software subscription pricing. It is the Partner’s responsibility to ensure they are quoting correct prices to potential buyers.

  1. Selling Our Software

The process of a Partner sale to a Client starts with a Partner consultant completing a Footprinter Services Order Form on Footprinter’s website. When complete, we verify the order to make sure that requested software services, pricing and any special agreed to terms are correct. The next step is for a Client administrator user (listed on the Services Order Form) to agree to Footprinter’s terms and conditions, confirm the order and/or activate the account in the case of new accounts. Footprinter will generate an invoice to the Partner based on the Services Order Form when the client has confirmed the order. It is the responsibility of the Partner to collect appropriate fees from the Client. This software sales process applies to all types of software sales including new accounts and new orders, renewals (purchasing software for a further subscription period), upgrades and sales of new services.

  1. Our Support for Your Selling

We will grant the Partner a consulting license for all Footprinter products that is accessible by Partner staff, free of charge, in order to help support sales of Footprinter software solutions. We will use our best efforts to provide free business development support to the Partner. We can also provide application development (including configuration and customization), general consulting and advisory services to the Partner’s clients.

  1. We are responsible for Software Service Performance

The Partner DOES NOT assume any direct responsibility for our software, service level or support performance. The performance of our software is our responsibility. Resources for clients such as software licenses as well as terms of service, service level agreements and other applicable information are available online.

  1. Other Terms

Our VAR Partner agreements are for one year and are expected to renew. Our agreements however do allow for an easy termination at any time to ensure that the partnership is always in both our best interests. Our agreements cannot be transferred or assigned to a 3rd-party. Our agreements are governed by applicable laws and courts of California, USA.