About Footprinter

Founded in November of 2009 and based in Silicon Valley, California, and London, UK, Footprinter is the leading technology platform for enterprise sustainability. Customers use Footprinter’s cloud-hosted and big data inspired tools to expand the scope, reach and impact of their sustainability programs.


Greg Bier – CEO

Greg brings a corporate problem solving perspective from an early career at McKinsey & Company. If you have a cool or challenging application of our software, then you are likely to be talking with Greg.

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Adam Lofts – CTO

Adam is passionate about building software that people enjoy to use. He leads the technical development at Footprinter and has experience of database systems, business intelligence and distributed systems.

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  • Winning sustainability strategies are built on insights drawn from a lot of data.
  • We believe sustainability should have a system like finance does.
  • People are the answer. It takes a lot of people to make a product green. It takes a lot-squared people to make a company green.
  • We believe in the 80/20 rule. Estimates, hotspots and streamlined LCAs are all good ideas.
  • Sustainability and innovation aren't simple but the software people use should be – otherwise they won't use it.
  • Partnerships with clients are essential for sustainability breakthroughs.


The web is a very cool place, and Footprinter uses a number of best-practice web application technologies. In addition we have developed several of our own technologies that are core to our solutions:

  • Our database is a graph and has the concept of a footprint as its DNA. So scale and speed are never a problem.
  • For sustainability we believe our analytical engine is better and easier to use than Excel pivot tables.
  • Our data model, analytics and user interfaces work in realtime with immediate feedback. It keeps everything and everyone on the same page.