Elopak is a Norwegian company producing cartons for liquids, starting with aseptic gable top cartons for milk. The company ranks as the world's #3 supplier of packaging for beverages selling 12.8 billion cartons (2012), and boasts manufacture of the first paperboard carton for liquid foods, branded Pure-Pak.

Elopak's carton portfolio includes an array of board technologies (foil laminate and non-foil, opacity and gas-tight barriers), sizes, and shapes. Elopak has over 2,800 employees , operates 13 plants and serves over 80 markets worldwide.

Sustainability Performance

Elopak’s ambition is to achieve absolute sustainability – a company with zero net impact on the environment. In 2012 Elopak developed it’s Future Proofed Packaging strategy to guide them through to 2020. As part of their commitment and strategy, Elopak reports annually to CDP.


Elopak has operations all over the world and is not at a scale where they have centralized energy purchasing for example. Many decisions that impact the environment are made at the local level. 


Elopak wanted to improve the ease and accuracy of collecting data from the field. More importantly, they wanted to engage local business unit teams and give them visibility into their environmental performance.

Footprinter Tools

Elopak uses Footprinter Inventory to collect business unit data and focus front-lines teams on environmental KPIs and Analytics to rollup their facility impact data and build custom reports.

Elopak is beginning to roll out Portfolio as a way for group and senior managers (charged with individual pillars in their Future Proofed Strategy delivery) to keep up to date with actual performance and trends without the typical lag times in an spreadsheet based process.


Elopak is well on track to meet its 2020 targets. Elopak is expanding its environmental scope to focus on key hotspots, and working with suppliers and customers.

Footprinter Team