Alan Spray from Anthesis Group writes about the end of the GHG reporting season and the best in class solutions delivered in partnership with Footprinter. We share the belief that getting a good system in place allows the sustainability manager to focus on driving improvement and innovation in their organisation.

On the cost, configuration and deployment of the tool:

In building the business case for and deploying the Footprinter data collection and analysis system, the Total Cost of Ownership of the tool and analysis has consistently been found to be significantly less than Excel alternatives. Additionally, the results deliver a lot more value. The big-data technology turns distributed data collection into formulaic reporting templates like CDP and into simple, interpretable charts and tables which can be used to identify hotspots, track initiatives and forecast performance.

On the outcomes of migrating from an excel based system:

A recent Footprinter deployment enabled the senior director for global EHS at a pharmaceutical company to have a report of carbon and waste performance, which he can drop straight into a slide for the leadership team on a monthly basis. Previously, he used to find this a monthly headache because it was impossible for him to collect and calculate at this frequency using their Excel tool.

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Footprinter Team