Mine Insights from your Data

Keep all your data in one place so it works together and mine it for the insights that drive your sustainability strategy.

Large Scale Footprinting

Collect data from across the enterprise without any penalty for the scale (and complexity) of your business. Have all your data in “one place” – working together.

High Power Analytics

Bring it all together effortlessly – as simple as search and drag-n-drop. Query your data as a whole. Roll it up or drill deep down to gain the big insights. Do it all in real time.


Build and manage large private factor libraries and leverage publically available data. Develop guidance, help and training materials for your users.

Companies now have far too much sustainability data for Excel, or other tools, to adequately consolidate, scale and enable drill down to specific process information without being experts in data modeling. Several of our clients have 100s of users across the globe and want to do analysis right across the portfolio, looking not just at products but sales volumes and other business-relevant information.

Will Schreiber – Associate Director – Anthesis Group
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