Build Green in Early

Introduce sustainability metrics early in the product design process. Roll up product results and track performance by brand, category and market. Develop improvement insights at the product and portfolio level.

Footprint Your Products

Roll out intuitive, highly visual tools for individual product assessment. Show how a product performs against multiple metrics and corporate sustainability targets. Benchmark to other products in a product line or globally.

Roll Up and Cut Across

Track the performance of the portfolio overall or at the brand, category or market level. Filter by design stage and other tags. Drill into performance to identify best practices and below target performance.

Identify Hotspots

Mine your product sustainability data for improvement insights. Quickly identify and focus design teams on key drivers of product performance. Roll up to give brand teams direction on high leverage areas of improvement.

Our new tool enables us to make decisions before product designs are locked in and ensure that our direction of travel is right across multiple sustainability metrics. We're focusing where it counts.

Victoria Wood – Global Head of Sustainability – RB
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