Sustainably Inform Your Decision Making

Create powerful management dashboards that visualize your sustainability performance at the product, business unit or global level.

Create Visibility

Visualize your data with rich charts instead of rows and columns of numbers. Build tables, charts and insights on the fly, easily with Footprinter’s analytical tools.

Management Dashboards

Create dashboards for managers built around KPIs. Organize your sustainability performance data along financial reporting lines. Create focused dashboards for brands, purchasing and other business units.

Keep Up To Date

Keep everyone on the same page. Footprinter is dynamic. All your data naturally comes together and is up to date. Drill down on a chart into the details behind it.

Our industry-leading new tool enables product developers to assess and improve product impacts across our full portfolio, quickly, easily and in real-time.

Jennifer Duran – Global Head of Sustainable Innovation – RB
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